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Now -November 15th         Highland's Virtural BOOK FAIR!

November 11th      No School - Veteran's Day

November 19-25    Time to schedule Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 23          No School Clerical Day

November 24         No School PM Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 25         No School Parent/Teacher Conferences

Nov 26-27              No School Thanksgiving Vacation

Dec 21-Jan 1st      No School Christmas Vacation

Principal's Letter
by NVM

Dear Highland Families,

Change seems to be the one constant right now.  As the seasons outside my window are changing, we are looking forward to possible changes inside as well.  Significant work is being done right now in anticipation of getting our 4th and 5th grade students back on a hybrid schedule as soon as possible.  You will continue to hear from our superintendent as those details begin to clarify.  There are a few things happening at Highland right now that I would like to alert you to.


During the weeks in November leading up to Thanksgiving, our K-3 students will be participating in our annual unit about bullying.  As you well know bullying is a huge concern in making sure that all students feel safe while they are at school.  It is not atypical during this time for your child to mention bullying as all of a sudden it has been something brought to the forefront of their minds.  This is a great opportunity for you to talk to your child as well about what it means both to be a bully as well as what it feels like to be bullied. 

Morning Car Drop-Off

As the weather has started to change, so have our morning drop-off routines.  Our thermometers are ineffective in the cold air so we have stopped taking temperatures outside.  When you arrive at school your child may unload.  We will cue students 6’ apart outside and take their temperature as they are entering the building, you are not required to stay unless you have some concern that your child is running a temperature.  It has been working best when the first 4-5 cars closest to the building unload, and then the next group pulls up and follow suit.  Thanks for your help with this change.

Hybrid Schedule Attendance

As we have gotten into a routine with our Hybrid schedule, a pattern has started to emerge.  Our attendance for the two days at school has been very strong, but we are starting to have some attendance issues with the three at home days.  Please remember that besides holidays, your student has school work every day.  If your student does not log into Canvas on the at home work days they are considered absent for that school day.  I know that this can be very tricky at times with working families, internet issues and all the complications of our current times. Please be assured, every little bit matters! When it comes to doing school work at home, something is always better than nothing.

School Handbook

As you are receiving this newsletter you will also receive a copy of this year’s handbook in an additional email.  It contains important information you might have about our school policy and procedures as well as this year’s annual parent testing notification.

Text Remind

Remind is a communication tool some classes and schools are using to be able to send out quick text messages.  It is free to sign up for and takes less than 30 seconds.  I have set up a remind code for each individual grade level which will help me focus my messaging and keep your text messages a little less cluttered.  Please take a moment to sign up so I can better communicate with you from the Office of the Principal.

If you have multiple students at Highland make sure to sign up for each grade that your students are in, that way you don't miss anything.  See the codes and directions below.  If your student's teacher already uses Remind this is different, so make sure to sign up!

Kindergarten - text @8cg4eb to the number  81010  

1st grade -        text @d884c9h to the number 81010

2nd grade -       text @bd97f3 to the number 81010

3rd grade -        text @ee3hf8 to the number 81010

4th grade -        text @ak32gd6 to the number 81010

5th grade -        text @db62db to the number 81010


And finally…..

Please take the time this month to find reasons to be thankful.  There are days it is hard right now, but we know even finding the smallest opportunities can substantially help our attitudes and mindsets.

I will go first… I am so thankful for the opportunity to come to Highland and serve as your principal.  I am thankful for the students and families that are doing so much to maintain during some difficult times, and I am thankful that one way or another our present circumstances are temporary.

Be Well,

Mr. Van Manen



School Board Meetings
by Jennifer Thomason

School Board Meetings

2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month;  5:00pm,

Boardroom at 725 NE Dean Dr.  Via Zoom




Free Breakfast and Lunches
by Jennifer Thomason

Free Breakfast & Lunch!

We are pleased to inform you that GRANTS PASS SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 7

has implemented an option available to schools participating in  the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs called the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) for the Year 2020.

What does this mean for you and your children attending the school(s) identified above?

Great news for you and your students! All enrolled students of GRANTS PASS SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 7 are eligible to receive a healthy breakfast and lunch at school at no charge to your household each day of the 2020  year. No further action is required of you. Your child(ren) will be able to participate in these meal programs without having to pay a fee or submit an application.

If we can be of any further assistance, please contact us at
The Food and Nutrition Services.

Michael Morris - Supervisor 541-474-5716  mmorris@grantspass.k12.or.us




Medication at School
by Martha Covrig RN


When your child must take prescription and/or non-prescription medicine at school, please follow these steps:

· The parent/guardian must bring the medicine, in person, to the office.  It may not be sent with the child.  

· Additionally, the parent/guardian must pick up the container when the child has completed the course of medication.

· The medicine must be in its original container.

· The parent/guardian must fill out the appropriate form with instructions/permission for the school to administer the medication.

· The parent/guardian must inform the school, in writing, of any  changes in medication  instructions.

At no time may a student be in possession of either prescription or non-prescription medications while at school.  All medications must be administered through the office, following the procedure explained above.  The office must be notified if your child is in this category.  The District and State discourage parents from asking the schools to dispense  non-prescription medication.


Don't Forget!
by Jennifer Thomason

Just a reminder that our drinking fountains are closed, so be sure to send your student with a water bottle every day they attend.  A Schedule- Monday & Thursday B Schedule- Tuesday & Friday. We do have bottle filling stations available so you can send reusable water bottles with your student(s).

We also have given your student(s) ID cards that help us check your child in each morning and can easily be accessed on your child's backpack or on a lanyard. 

Finally masks are required, if your child's mask malfunctions at school we do have replacements available but please everyday send your child with a face mask that covers nose and mouth.

Thank you

Nurse's Notes
by Jennifer Thomason

Nurse’s Notes –  – How to Clean your Masks

This is indeed a different school year, but as I follow my routine schedule at the schools, I see everyone doing their best to meet the needs of our students.  Because of the requirements in place, the elementary schools are quieter than usual due to the smaller groups of students and more limited movement around the schools.  I enjoy hearing the sounds of students in the classrooms and look forward to the return to more in-person learning.

Masks have been shown to be a key to preventing the spread of COVID-19.  I want to remind everyone of the importance of using a clean mask daily.  Masks need to be changed at least every day and more often if needed.  I have seen one that appeared to have been worn for days…and can only imagine the number of germs ‘hiding’ on it.  It is important to wash fabric masks after a day’s use or use a new disposable mask daily.  If possible, having a number of masks is helpful (see link below for making a fabric mask).  Please see the following information from the Center for Disease Control regarding mask care: 

“Masks should be washed regularly. It is important to always remove masks correctly and wash your hands after handling or touching a used mask.

How to clean

Washing machine

  • You can include your mask with your regular laundry.
  • Use regular laundry detergent and the warmest appropriate water setting for the cloth used to make the mask.

Washing by hand

  • Check the label to see if your bleach is intended for disinfection. Some bleach products, such as those designed for safe use on colored clothing, may not be suitable for disinfection.
    • Use bleach containing 5.25%–8.25% sodium hypochlorite. Do not use a bleach product if the percentage is not in this range or is not specified.
    • Ensure the bleach product is not past its expiration date. Never mix household bleach with ammonia or any other cleanser.
    • Ensure adequate ventilation.
  • Prepare a bleach solution by mixing:
    • 5 tablespoons (1/3rd cup) of 5.25%–8.25% bleach per gallon of room temperature water or
    • 4 teaspoons of 5.25%–8.25% bleach per quart of room temperature water
  • Soak the mask in the bleach solution for 5 minutes.
  • Discard the bleach solution down the drain and rinse the mask thoroughly with cool or room temperature water.
  • Make sure to completely dry the mask after washing.

Using bleach safely:

  • Always read and follow the directions on the label to ensure safe and effective use.
  • Be aware that bleach can damage cloth fabric over time.
  • Wear skin protection and consider eye protection for potential splash hazards.
  • Use water at room temperature for dilution (unless stated otherwise on the label).
  • Store and use bleach out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Special considerations should be made for people with asthma and they should not be present when cleaning and disinfecting is happening as this can trigger asthma exacerbations. Learn more about reducing asthma triggers.
  • See EPA’s 6 steps for Safe and Effective Disinfectant Useexternal icon.

How to dry


  • Use the highest heat setting and leave in the dryer until completely dry.

Air dry

  • Lay flat and allow to completely dry. If possible, place the mask in direct   sunlight.



More Information from the CDC:



Please let me know if you and/or your children have a need that I may be able to help with.  When it comes to health needs or resources for your child (ren), know that I may be able to direct you to a resource I know about to meet a specific need. 


Shared with you by Martha Covrig, RN, District Nurse, Grants Pass School District #7, 541-218-1762

Holiday Reading
by Kimberly Wilson

Happy Holiday READING

The holidays are a wonderful time full of family and festivities.  It is also the perfect opportunity to snuggle up with a book and read with your child!  There are many delightful holiday books to choose from.  If you need any suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask.  Students have worked hard and are eager for a well-deserved break.  That being said, it is my hope that your child will
continue to read over the holidays in an effort to keep from losing all the learning and momentum they have built up.



Happy Reading,

Kimberly Wilson

Literacy Specialist


Inclement Weather instructions
by Jennifer Thomason

As we are heading into the winter months it is always a good idea to pay attention to the weather.  Sometimes,  because of certain situations, we may have a school delay or closure.  If this should happen there will be announcements on local television and radio stations or you can always check the district website at grantspass.k12.or.us. 
Please do not call the school district transportation department, the school district administration building, individual schools, or radio stations for information.  Answering these calls will reduce our ability to take other necessary action in responding to a weather crisis.  All families are encouraged to have a plan in the event school must close before the regular dismissal time. 
In case of bad weather, you can expect to hear one or    several possible announcements.  If there are no  radio, TV, or internet announcements about changes, it means we will be operating under regular  procedures.
*Please note that breakfast will NOT be served on days when we are on a delay. 




Fall Book Fair
by Mrs. Kriz

It’s time Highland's Fall Virtual Book Fair!

The Scholastic Book Fair is back! While the Fair will be exclusively held online this year, we still plan on making it a fun and joyous experience for our kids. Features include:

  • Highland Elementary’s own online store, with a large selection of titles, at the right price points
  • A Virtual Fair so you and your kids can experience the magic of the school shopping experience. Browse titles by grade, meet popular authors, and discover the comfort and joy of our Fair
  • Every dollar you spend will benefit our school directly (25% back in rewards!)ir is back! While the Fair will be exclusively